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Who are the partners of the project?

Espace Mendes France (EMF) is a leading centre for the dissemination of scientific, technical and industrial culture, with active partnerships in Europe, USA, Québec, South America and the Caribbean. EMF is a founding member of Reconnaître-Open Recognition Alliance.

EMF activities include:

  • Promotion of research methods, results and occupations;
  • Knowledge transfer through exhibitions, conferences and publications;
  • Organisation of citizens fora on science, social and cultural issues;
  • Participation in regional and international projects.
    Leading a program on Knowledge Industries at the end of the 90s, the creation of EIfEL (European Institute of E-Learning) in 2001 then ADPIOS (Internet of Subjects Forum) in 2010,

Espace Mendès France has been actively contributing to a number of European and International projects (over 30) related to knowledge and learning technologies.

Testimonies to the international recognition of the work supported by Espace Mendès France are the first International ePortfolio conference (now known as ePIC) hosted in Poitiers in 2003 (the 17th conference will take place in Lille in October 2019) and the MacArthur award for the Trust Challenge won in 2015 for the development of the Open Badge Passport, an innovative open source platform for the recognition of informal learning. With an outreach of more than 100,000 people each year, and the implementation of a multitude of actions in support of local regional development players, Espace Mendès France has created the elements of an open, multidisciplinary space for innovation.

Open Recognition Netherlands is a network organization where the team works with people in the field of Open Badges and Open Recognition. Its goal is to create a wider and open form of recognition of the talent of people and that they have full control over their data. This helps them to showcase and grow their talent. And by this they will be recognized for all their learning.

The Institute of Vocational Training AKMI (AKMI S.A.) was founded back in 1989 and today it is one of the leading Vocational Training Institutes in Greece providing post-secondary education. Every year, approx. 3000 students are enrolled with the aim to study one the 96 specialties offered. AKMI is the leading VET provider in Greece, providing its services to thousands of students in numerous fields. It is the most appropriate partner to take on the designing of the study material, the training and the examination of the supervisors.

AKMI understanding this need has started collaborating with psychologists, sociologist and experts on that field so as to implement ways to promote multiple intelligence of students and not only to promote and encourage the “good” student  but to support the creativity in actions, free mind and without barriers personal development of its students.

For that reason, In the premier institution of Education Business Awards, the institution that awards the best practices in the field of Education, AKMI won the two most prestigious awards, one for Social Responsibility actions, the prize for Economic Support Policies and Programs in support vulnerable social groups as well as the award for Special Educational Needs, the Facilities and Training Material for the Free Training program for Blind People

RIC Novo Mesto is one of the leading adult education organisations in+ Slovenia with more than 50 years of experience in working with adults. Our institute was established as a public equivalent body by the Municipality of Novo Mesto, the largest city of South-East Slovenia. We currently employ 23 people and cooperate with more than 130 regular external experts, teachers, mentors and researchers. We develop and implement innovative formal and non-formal education programmes and offer guidance services for different target groups: general public, people living in rural areas, people with special needs, young adults, the unemployed, senior citizens, the Roma population, immigrants, employees in the search for new trainings and education, etc.

As a public body, they work closely with a wide network of local, regional and national partners, such as municipalities, ministries, regional development agencies, chamber of commerce and industry, chamber of crafts, other adult education organisations, primary and secondary schools, higher education institutes and faculties, NGOs, enterprises, etc.

Based on their project work, they cooperate with a wide network of international partners. Their general programmes to gain formal education comprise primary school and secondary school for adults, as well as higher online education. Furthermore, they organise non-formal vocational courses, computer and language courses and general adult education courses on various topics. In their institution, they strive for the quality of implementation in all areas of their work. Acquired certificates, signs and other documents represent a recognition and confirmation that they have already achieved some of their objectives, and that they are on the right track. They have ISO 9001:2008 (ISO 9001:2015) which is an internationally recognized quality standard, issued by an international organization ISO (International Standard Organization). Within Guidance Centre Novo Mesto (under supervision of Slovenian Institute for Adult Education) they have developed a system of quality – the framework for Quality Assessment and quality development in Adult Education Guidance Centres.

Founded in 2015, CZ ( is a company formed by IT engineers of many disciplines who are working on Computer Science and Information Technology for the last 15-20 years, project managers and business analysts. The company covers areas around “Data Management”, with focus on Semantic Technologies, Linked (and Open) Data, Metadata, Thesauri and Controlled Vocabulary Management, to name a few. The core engineers worked on big Semantic Web projects like CELLAR, EUROVOC and ESCO.

Cognizone is also performing business in other areas where “data are crucial” like Big Data Analytics and its senior staff is already undertaking certifications related to Data Science disciplines. Cognizone situates itself in working with the industry sector as integrator (something that the team has as core competence in) but also with the European Commission and public organisations. Cognizone’s intention is to provide its know-how and expertise to these institutions in order to carry out complex and demanding projects.

Furthermore, the company has been involved over the past years in several labour market related studies at the request of public bodies including DG Empl, DG Digit and the Publication Office of the European Union. Those projects involved AS-IS / TO-BE in depth analysis through desk research, questionnaires, stakeholder interviews and other qualitative and quantitative means. Themes such as semantic interoperability in the labour market, recommendations for labour market and education metadata schema, reviews and recommendations for European software platforms have been covered by these studies. Finally, the company has been deeply involved in skills and competences recognition technologies such as Open Badges, sponsoring related events and initiatives, internally developing tools aiming at bridging skills related gaps between education and employment, through linking Open Badges and competences frameworks such as ESCO. Cognizone’s expertise and credibility gained through those projects lead to the development of trusted and mutually beneficial relationships with the European bodies above mentioned.

PRISM supports the social, cultural and economic development of the territory in which it operates. It acts as a qualified development agent able to monitor and boost in the territory the development policies promoted by local and transnational bodies, in particular by the European Union through structural funds and direct funding programmes managed by the European Commission or its executive agencies.

The PRISM mission is about promoting development that is:

  • local, by promoting territorial identity and potential of endogenous resources
  • sustainable, by meeting the needs of present generations without jeopardizing the ability of futures
    generations to meet their own needs.

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