REVEAL Enquirer

Who is a REVEAL Enquirer?

A REVEAL Enquirer is someone who is part of a community of practice and is looking for a tool to recognise and validate their skills, experiences, and learning. They are individuals who are keen on improving their visibility, boosting their reputation, and building their credentials.

What can a REVEAL Enquirer do on this platform?

As a REVEAL Enquirer, you can:

  1. Learn: Engage with resources developed by the REVEAL project to understand more about various topics and issues relevant to your field of practice.
  2. Participate: Join the REVEAL community where you will find various educational resources to help you become aware of the issues and analyse the causes. You are also invited to organise or participate in activities in your school, social, or professional environment, which will help to analyse the issues in your context.
  3. Earn Badges: After participating in these activities, you can claim Open Badges to share your awareness and make yourself visible to others.
  4. Contribute: The REVEAL project is participatory, which means that you are free to propose your own resources, activity ideas, or Open Badges to the community.

How to start?

To start your journey as a Reveal Enquirer, click here to join the REVEAL community and start exploring the resources available.

Remember, your journey as a REVEAL Enquirer is about recognising and validating your skills, experiences, and learning. So, start exploring, learning, and contributing today!

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