Can Open Badges be an obstacle to recognition?

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This article is divided into four chapters recounting key episodes in the journey of REVEAL, an Erasmus+ project, exploring the potential of Open badges to create Local Recognition Networks (LRNs):

  • Authoring the project: when the project was submitted we believed that
              Open Badges would work wonders!
  • Facing the reality: then we had to face a hard truth:
              Open Badges didn’t work as expected!
  • Adjusting to reality: it is when we realised that we didn’t need Open Badges to recognise:
              Before the Open Badge was… the word!
  • Reinventing Open Badges: Open Badges were back, but from a different perspective:
             Beyond Open Badges: Open Recognition!

Table of contents

  • Open Badges will work wonders!
    • About REVEAL
    • Recognition as emancipatory practice
    • From Open Badges to Open Recognition
    • Opening up access to recognition
    • The REVEAL Maturity Model
    • The promise of Open Badges in achieving REVEAL goals
  • Open Badges don’t work as expected!
    • About formal, non-formal and informal recognition
    • Open Badges: who do they really empower?
    • Exploring the limits of Open Badges platforms
  • Before the Open Badge was… the word!
    • Building Local Recognition Networks
    • Articulating individual and community recognition
    • How can Open Badges become obstacles to recognition?
    • Building iREVEAL
  • Beyond Open Badges: Open Recognition!
    • Articulating individual and collective recognition
    • Transforming (mis)recognition into action
    • Making Open Badges actionable
    • REVEAL meets ORCA
    • Conclusion

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“Open Recognition is to recognition what Open Learning is to learning”

Informal learning and recognition is not a landfill where everything that is neither formal or non-formal can be disposed of, but rather the cradle of all learning and recognition, including formal.

Double Loop Recognition

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