Partner meeting in Slovenia

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We’re excited to share with you the highlights from the recent Reveal Stakeholders Seminar held on May 18, 2023. This event, hosted in the beautiful city of Novo Mesto, Slovenia, brought together over 30 participants from various sectors, including education, business, and vulnerable social groups. The seminar was a hybrid event, fostering collaboration and empowering individuals to unlock their hidden skills.

One of the key highlights of the seminar was the introduction of the innovative iREVEAL platform. This user-friendly online tool is designed to facilitate skill recognition, allowing individuals to request endorsements for their soft skills and create online personal skill clouds.

The seminar emphasized the importance of acknowledging skills acquired outside the formal education system. As one speaker eloquently put it, “When you learn at school, you receive a diploma. However, for the skills gained in everyday life, there is no diploma. Badges have been invented to make this type of informal learning visible.” These words resonated with the audience, highlighting the importance of recognizing and valuing skills obtained through real-life experiences.

The potential of local initiatives to transcend geographical boundaries was also discussed. “Something can be created locally and be made visible beyond the local community, at EU level… at international level…” This perspective showcased the vast opportunities that lie within the Reveal project and the iREVEAL platform.

The seminar included an interactive session where participants had the chance to register on the iREVEAL platform, ask for endorsements for their skills from their peers, and create their own skills clouds.

The Reveal Stakeholders Seminar served as a catalyst for the formation of a vibrant local community that will actively contribute to the unveiling of individual talents and skills. By harnessing the power of the iREVEAL platform, participants can tap into a supportive network that nurtures personal growth and professional development.

We invite you to learn more about the iREVEAL platform and start your “reveal journey” by visiting here.

The “REVEAL – Recognition of Experience Validation of Experience, Achievements and Learning” is an Erasmus+ project that builds on existing and emerging practices with the support of technologies, Open Badges, open data, and their application to social innovation. It aims to remove barriers to recognition, encouraging new learning and career pathways based on real-life experience.

Join us in this journey of recognizing and validating the skills of adults in our community of practice. Let’s make learning visible, together!

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Until next time, keep learning and growing!

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