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Unveiling the iREVEAL Tool: Unlocking skills and recognition for adult learners


Learning is an incredible journey that takes place not only within classrooms but also through informal experiences and non-formal education. Recognizing and valuing the skills gained from these learning opportunities is crucial for personal growth and professional development. At the ePIC conference in Lille, France on October 19, 2022, the partners of the Erasmus+ project called REVEAL introduced the world to the iREVEAL tool, which aims to make these skills visible and provide actionable recognition for adult learners. In this blog post, we will explore the objectives of the iREVEAL tool, its important milestones, and how it can benefit individuals like you.

Objectives of the iREVEAL Tool:

The iREVEAL tool was developed with several important objectives in mind:

  1. Making skills visible: One of the key aims of the iREVEAL tool is to make the skills gained from informal learning and non-formal education visible. Often, these skills go unnoticed or unacknowledged, despite their value. iREVEAL seeks to change that by providing a platform where individuals can showcase their abilities.
  2. Concrete and actionable recognition: The iREVEAL tool goes beyond mere visibility by offering concrete and actionable ways of recognition. This means that the skills you showcase through iREVEAL can be recognized and valued by others, helping you gain confidence and further opportunities for growth.
  3. Supporting an Open Recognition Ecosystem: iREVEAL is designed to support an open recognition ecosystem, which means that it promotes a culture of recognizing and valuing skills across various domains and communities. By providing a tool that supports and mentors users, iREVEAL fosters a sense of belonging and encourages lifelong learning.
  4. Growth of Competence-Based Networks: Another important objective of the iREVEAL tool is to foster the growth and spread of competence-based networks, also known as communities. These networks provide a supportive environment where individuals can connect, share knowledge, and learn from each other’s experiences.

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