Partner meeting in Italy

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At the last meeting of partners from France, the Netherlands, Greece, Italy, Belgium, and Slovenia in Palermo, Sicily in May, we focused on reviewing the progress of the project and intensive preparation of the recognition tool. The Italian partner also presented to us a good practice example, a restaurant and cultural centre known as “Moltivolti” (Many Faces), a symbol of the latter, located in the centre of the Ballarò district of Palermo, a multi-ethnic city and a meeting place for migrants.

How to continue

The initial idea grows. Through a simple question: “Why am I important to you?”, which individuals ask others (friends, family, colleagues, organizations they are involved in, etc.), we want to get an insight into the (also hidden) competencies of the individual in
one place. This is a springboard for further networking within the community, expanding
knowledge, competencies, and personal and professional development. Currently, our efforts are focused on developing a prototype of this tool. 

This will allow all skills and competencies to be captured in one place, regardless of how they were acquired. It will be connected to the digital world and social networks, practical, and easy to use.

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